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Sports Consulting Group offers extensive and individual career advise, from start to finish and beyond.  In order for the player to be able to concentrate entirely on his athletic performance, we take care of all matters beside the ice.  Whether it is matters of contract negotiations or official matters, in which mostly our foreign clients often need help – we offer all-round service.

Our excellent contacts with German and international clubs as well as a large network of partners around the world provide the best conditions for the optimal career planning for our clients. For us, the focus is always on the person: individual needs, athletic, human and financial success. We want to contribute to that.

Career Consulting

Individual consulting from start to finish.

Career Planning

Head in the best direction from the start.

Contract Negotiations

Long experience and excellent contact to the clubs.

Club Transfers

Our clients’ interests always come first.


Extensive support in all areas – for the whole family.

The right partner at any time


Especially for young prospects it is important that they get an excellent and individual consultation with professional partners by their side right from the beginning in order to take the best possible way to a professional career. This is where the foundations are laid, on which future success builds upon.
That is why we offer extensive counseling of young talents and their parents, answer questions and support decisions so that the player can concentrate fully on the sports and his personal development.

Gladly we support young players who want to take the step abroad. Here they profit from our personal experiences and intensive contacts to College hockey.


Established professional players also benefit from our many years of experience beside the ice.   An important question for professional athletes often is “What comes after the career?” because the life span of a hockey player is relatively limited.

That is why this is an important issue for us as well and we place great value on supporting our clients with these questions and to develop plans for the time after the professional career, together with our partners.

Strong partners on and beside the ice

In order to offer our clients the best possible service, we work together with various international partners in order to be able to offer the best opportunities and, above all, the necessary support to our players abroad. It is most important to us that the player remains the center of attention and that our partners share this attitude.

Our partners are insurance agents, tax consultants and financial advisors, so that our clients also get the necessary support concerning non-hockey related matters.

Through many years of positive and trustworthy cooperation with various other service providers, we have been able to build up an extensive, international network in which our clients can benefit from.

Financial advice

Financial security, also after the career.


Specifically tuned to the individual player.

PR & Social Media

Image care and marketing of the player.

Int. Network

Perfect for players with interest in playing abroad.